It all starts with science. We find the most awesome information from leading academics and experts in the the science of happiness, and share the things that actually increase happiness. We feature amazing information in our Learning Center. We have tools based on scientific research for you to use to increase your own happiness, like the Happiness Journal where you can express gratitude, and the Causes section where you can give back. It all happens in a fun, social atmosphere so you can make connections, share your moments, follow others’ experiences, hear directly from the experts, and grow your own happiness network.


Happiness has awesome benefits. It makes you healthier, have stronger relationships, be more creative, more productive, more successful, more compassionate, and generally more awesome. Being happy is contagious so one happy person begets another, and another, until we live in a healthier, happier, and über awesomer world.

The Science

Since the beginning of the new millennium a new branch of psychology emerged, one that studies the bright side of human experience. From character strengths to happiness, this new branch—positive psychology—seeks to understand what makes a human life worth living. And though positive psychology is still relatively young, it has brought forth numerous studies and findings that should command the attention of anyone who has ever desired to be happy.

img2 is a positive well-being company that believes that by bridging  the information from the science of happiness to every individual  we can inspire and empower people to improve their lives and the lives of others. Our vision is to crete a movement to promote the learning, understanding and further development in the research of happiness and well-being around the world. We want to move the human race forward.